Tactical Conference and SWAT Competition

The Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD) will be hosting its 20th Annual Tactical Training Conference and S.W.A.T. Competition on Thursday and Friday, October 8- 9, 2020.  We have partnered with TSSi again and are hosting their Range Expo at the training grounds on Thursday.  Sign up to attend TSSi’s Range Expo with amazing vendors, demos and more!

Please download the departmental waiver form, sign and upload where requested on the registration: SWAT Departmental Waiver Release

Register Here for the HPD SWAT Competition

Tentative Equipment List:

  • Repel Harness
  • Gas Mask
  • 6 sets of eye/ear protection
  • 6 carbine rifles or sub-guns / minimum 2 sets of mags per operator / tactical pistol rig
  • Scoped Rifle
  • Tactical Vests (NO soft body armor)
  • Tac helmets
  • Ammunition for all firearms