Tactical Conference and SWAT Competition

The Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD) will be hosting its 19th Annual Tactical Training Conference and S.W.A.T. Competition on Thursday and Friday, October 10- 11, 2019.

HPD looks forward to your participation and support.

Find information on local hotels and discounted group rates HERE

Please download this form, sign and upload where requested on the registration: SWATDepartmental Waiver Release

Register Here for the HPD SWAT Competition

Tentative Equipment List:

  • Repel Harness
  • Gas Mask
  • 6 sets of eye/ear protection
  • 6 carbine rifles or sub-guns / minimum 2 sets of mags per operator / tactical pistol rig
  • Scoped Rifle
  • Tactical Vests (NO soft body armor)
  • Tac helmets
  • Ammunition for all firearms